I am sooo tired lately! I almost wouldn’t care if the world ended in 2012. Almost. I guess it is a good thing we have children or we probably never would have gotten this far….although, I think it is my kid that is making me so tired 😛

I’m hitting that slump where it is like – why am I blogging? Who cares? Why am I trying to do anything? haha I feel like everyone I know is far more interested in their life than what I am trying to accomplish in mine – that’s fair. Obviously I am too interested in my own life – otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about all it’s boring details, heh. I’m sure no one even reads this. Why would they? Well if you do – don’t forget to check out my music links! It’s not completely professional music, but hey – I work out of a bedroom with a sleeping baby – that’s if I am lucky…sometimes you can hear him in the background, banging on something or talking haha – he’s cute 🙂 Excuses, excuses, right?

I am hoping that I can afford some voice lessons at the college this fall, but we’ll see.


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