The new song I made today, called Airship: Picnic in the Sky, turned out to be only slightly disappointing. I spent every extra second I had today trying to make a rhythm out of just sound effects that kept a beat but also sounded just like an airship. I also was trying to be careful to make it sound happy and non-threatening – cuz I wanted to dedicate it to my mom and she doesn’t really like anything dark sounding. What I came up with was a really simple song that was just instrumental. When I finally posted it – my mom didn’t like it haha. :O  I kept listening to it to see if I could hear it like she was hearing it….but, I liked it. So I kept it. A little disappointed that I didn’t quite get her cup of tea, but I like the relaxed, floating feeling of the song and after fiddling with all the sound effects on my computer for hours…I’m kinda proud of what I ended up with. I think I will tinker with it a little more. Give it a few improvements…I’m a tinkerer 😉


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